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When people use Quickbooks POS (Point of Sale), it is quite common that they face the Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number / Quickbooks POS Error 176109 in it. The main reason for the occurrence of this error is considered to be the usage of this application i.e. when users attempt to register or even open the application POS. The notification of the error 176109 spontaneously pops up over the display screen states as “Invalid Product Number” or also as “Invalid Product Code”. The meaning of this notification is that the registration’s product code that is being used in the quickbooks application POS is totally invalid or incorrect. Nonetheless, there are so many other errors that might also cause the quickbooks error 176109. This article has catered the detailed factors of the error code 176109 in quickbooks and also the support methods to resolve such type of errors.

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Factors That Can Cause Quickbooks POS Error 176109

For the occurrence of quickbooks error 176109 or Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number while working on point of sale application, only one reason cannot be nominated for such warning. There are several factors that can cause this error in POS quickbooks. Those several factors are listed below that give rise to the quickbooks error 176109.

  • If the folder of quickbooks POS application is damaged or corrupt, it could be considered as the most imperative factor that could cause quickbooks error 176109
  • If the rights or access is not properly given to the admin, then chances are there that quickbooks error 176109 invalid product will appear during registration process.
  • During the installment procedure of POS, if the user puts incorrect product code, then the quickbooks error 176109 will occur.

Perquisites To Fix Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number

In order to quickly fix the error code 176109 with maximum efficiency, we have mentioned some important points that need to be considered and followed exactly.

  • Before the users get into technical process of quickbooks, it is necessary to have a company file back. In case, user loses his/her data, this backup will be a great support.
  • User needs to be assure of the updates of quickbooks point of sale , when this application releases update, get them installed. Therefore, check out the updates before you initiate any error troubleshooting processes, get it updated first.
  • In windows, the folder quickbooks point of sale entitlement is always hidden, therefore, user will be required to alter the settings of windows hidden files. User might require to remove this hidden folder for the sake of quick fix for error code 176109.

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Fix QuickBooks POS Error 176109

The error 176109 gets notified with specific jargon i.e. 176109 Invalid Product Number or incorrectProduct Code. In order to troubleshoot the error “quickbooks invalid product number”, we have stated some easy steps that can effectively resolve this error, below are the steps:

Solution Number 1:

Remove Everything From The Entitlement Folder

Before clearing the Entitlement Folder, it is better to know the purpose of entitlement folder present in quickbooks point of sale application. When quickbooks point of sale runs in a system, the entitlement files present in quickbooks point of sale application conveys message to the software about product i.e. product is registered or product is valid. The user will be required to add the information of license and product in the quickbooks, and for this purpose user will have to locate these entitlement files and remove these from quickbooks point of sale (pos) folder. There is a proper method for this, just follow the instructions in exact sequence:

  • In the first step, user will locate the Drive C present in the system, open it by double-clicking on it. Here user will see a folder named as Program Data, select and then select Intuit > Entitlement Client > v8. When the user successfully opens up the Intuit Entitlement Client V8 file, he/she needs to select all the entitlement client files by pressing and holding CTRL+R keys together within the folder.
  • Second step involves the removal of these files. For that select the key Delete and confirm the removal of this file by hitting Yes after deleting.
  • In the next step, user will launch the quickbooks point of sale application one more time and he/she will again attempt to register the application.

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By the end of this method, the quickbooks point of sale (pos) error code 176109 invalid product will be vanished, but in case, the error does not disappear then it is recommended to follow the next method as there could be several factors that might cause this error.

Solution Number 2:

Modify The Name of Activity File in Windows

Modifying the name of windows activity file is easy but requires to follow the correct method. For our readers ease, we have mentioned the accurate steps below:

  • Firstly, user will initiate the browser Windows Explorer
  • To open the Windows Explorer user will press the keys Windows+R together.
  • When he/she succesfully opens the windows explorer, the second step will start in which user will locate the C Drive in the system, open it and will look for Program Data. Now, select Program Data > Intuit > quickbooks point of sale xx.
  • In the third step, run maplestory 2 > invalid product > id.
  • Here, press second-click on the file WSActivity, a drop down menu will open up where user will select the option Rename.
  • In this step, user will need to add the word OLD in the beginning of the name WSActivity for instance OLDWSActivity, and then hit the save option.
  • Eventually close this windowsw and run the solution one more time.

If again, error is present there then jump to the next method that caters the solution with different factor of Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number.

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Solution Number 3:

Check Out QuickBooks POS Reinstallation – If It Could Resolve The Error

Following are the easy and quick steps to reinstall the quickbooks point of sale:

  • Firstly, delete the previously installed quickbooks point of sale.
  • Secondly, modify the folder name of POS by adding the word OLD at the end of last word of all the folders.
  • Now, get the quickbooks point of sale reinstalled and attempt to register one more time by putting correct product code.

QuickBooks Support

The above article entails all the important aspects and factors that could cause Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number Error. If user has any questions then user can get the quickbooks support anytime. For a quick support, just call us at support helpline +1888-705-0768 and efficiently get your errors fixed.

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