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Intuit® has launched an amazing accounting software that has helped giant organizations to manage their daily finance operations with just a click through Quickbooks easy interface. Like other great software, quickbooks operations also get stuck due to some errors; Quickbooks error 6176,0, Quickbooks error 6177, 0, Quickbooks error 12,0, Quickbooks error 6175,0, QuickBooks error 6177,0 etc. We have discussed QB Error 3371 Status Code 11118 in detail, if you are facing it then give it a thorough read for quick fix.

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In this article, our readers are going to learn easy and quick ways to solve the Quickbooks Error 6123, 0.

What is Quickbooks Error 6123?

In quickbooks desktop, while setting up network or handling data file, the users spontaneously receive an error stated Quickbooks Error 6123, 0. Usually the reasons for the occurrence of this error are; when a user tried to open quickbooks company file, when a user perform activities in quickbooks desktop with multi-user mode or when a user update the quickbooks company file with a latest version of quickbooks then the error 6123 occurs. Also, when a user restore the backup, he/she may face the error code 6123.

The authentic and simplest method to get the quickbooks error 6123, 0 solved is to download Quickbooks File doctor Tool from Quickbooks Tool Hub by Intuit.

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QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

It is a quickbooks built-in tool, which was introduced particularly to fix these types of bugs. However, there could be an exception that Error 6123, 0 doesn’t get fixed through quickbooks file doctor tool. You do not need to worry if this tool fails, as we have come up with a detailed guide to get such errors fixed manually. To add more, our technical support is all time available to solve your quickbooks queries. Save your time and call us at +1888-705-0768 for a speedy recovery of your software.

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When quickbooks user perform activities with quickbooks company file, setup network connection or while using the multiple user mode, these all become the reasons of the QB error 6123, 0 and in order to troubleshoot and tackle this bug manually, user is recommended to follow the guideline mentioned in the article. Those errors’ messages could be:

  • Quickbooks Error Code -6123,0.
  • Network Connection of Quickbooks Company File cannot be found.

What Factors Cause Quickbooks Error -6123, 0?

There are many user activities that leads to generate this bug, those are following:

  • While working on quickbooks desktop, the host computer of the user has network connection which is corrupted.
  • Firewall software plays a role of blocking port in the computer system that is quite important to create a link with server through which quickbooks company file is being hosted.
  • When the QBW file (quickbooks company file) is damaged.
  • When the program file or data file in quickbooks desktop are corrupt.
  • When the service of quickbooks database is being run on various instances.
  • When the antivirus of system is troublesome.
  • When the latest version of quickbooks is trying to access quickbooks company file at the same time.
  • While file backup restoring from external storage device.
  • When the windows file is damaged.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123 While Using Company File

  • In order to begin with the process, open quickbooks desktop, user must have installed and run tool in the computer i.e. open the file doctor tool.
  • Open the file doctor tool in the next step, when done with the installation process.
  • Here user will see a menu in drop-down, and he/she is required to look for the company file.
  • When QB company file is successfully located, tick-mark the option File Damage and after that select Choose Diagnose File.
  • In the next step, put your credentials (admin password) and click OK.
  • After succesfully adding admin password, now user will see a pop-up window that states Upgrade Your File to Latest Quickbooks Version, and then press the button Open to open the latest company file. By following these steps, the quickbooks company file will automatically upgrade to a newest version and repair this company file. In case if the user go for Repair File option in the previous version then company file will get repaired only while system will not upgrade them.

This is a proved method to overcome the error 6123 with file doctor tool, but there are chances of human error, hence this type of errors might occur again. For that, user ought to reboot the system. And still if error is there after reboot process then it is suggested to follow the steps to debug the quickbooks error code 6123, 0 manually.

Manual Guide to Fix Quickbooks Error 6123, 0 Using Company File

Being a layman, if a user doesn’t get the error code 6123, 0 fixed while using company file then it is not something to worry about. We have come up with the manual solution to resolve the error but user needs to be quite vigilant while following it as missing any step or performing it in wrong way might not fix the error eventually. Below are two different manual steps given; one for the single-user setup and other for the multi-user setup, check them out:

Guide for Single-User Mode:

If a user encounters error 6123, 0 while using company file in single-user mode or setup, and failed to fix this type of errors despite of using quickbooks desktop tools, then below are the manual steps with which user can resolve this error quickly and efficiently.

  • To start the process, open quickbooks and locate the .TLG file and .ND file.
  • When user locate these company file then rename these two by second click on the file, drop down menu will be open, here choose Rename.
  • Second step includes folder modification, for which user is required to modify permissions and settings of the folder to full access.
  • It is optional for users (before they open the files) to relocate the company file to the location from where he/she could find it easily next time.
  • In the next step, troubleshoot and resolve the bug in damaged company file by using the feature Auto Recovery Data.
  • In case, if this doesn’t work then it is better for user to make another window user.
Guide for Multi-User Mode:

To fix the errors like 6123 while making use of quickbooks company file in multi-user more or setup, then following are the manual steps or guidelines to resolve this bug quickly and efficiently.

  • Open quickbooks and initial the process as followed by single-user mode i.e. locate the .ND file and .TLG file, when the company file (s) are located then rename them by click on the file > Rename > Type name.
  • And again in the next step, modify the folder and for that user needs to set the permissions and settings of the folder to full access
  • Proceed the process by moving the company file to other location in the system (before you open it).
  • User is suggested to keep a check on ports of antivirus and firewall that they are not being the reason for errors.
  • In the next step, it is required to set the settings of entire computer system to multi-user setup or mode.
  • When vigilantly done with the manual process above, now it is suggested to uninstall the quickbooks and then reinstall it in the end.
QuickBooks Support

We hope that the methods given above (via tools and manual steps) are helpful for the readers. But still if further assistance is required then you can contact quickbooks technical support anytime at +1888-705-0768

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