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Among different proprietors, Intuit® Quickbooks has gained its special place being a robust finance and accounting software. It helps giant firms in accounts preservation and also offer best book-keeping services. It has been so many years that Intuit® Quickbooks became the first choice of user without any doubts. In quickbooks, user will get so many activities that plays a vital role to make the quickbooks accounts’ safety. Moreover, with the passage of time Intuit® Quickbooks has introduced so many reliable features and advanced programs for the ease of its user interface. One of them is QuickBooks Multi User setup.

We have dedicated this article for our users who want to setup the quickbooks multi-user mode quickly and easily. Other than this, there are so many other productive software in quickbooks desktop for network environment setup, multi-user setup and other setups (that require multi user mode in quickbooks), simply follow the directions mentioned in this article.

What is Meant By Quickbooks Multi User setup?

If there are people more than one working on the single quickbooks company file, all at once then such network is called QuickBooks Multi User Network. This features is beneficial in many ways such as it converts complex tasks into simple ones and saves time by doing work efficiently, hence it has been proved productive in many ways. The most advantageous place of the quickbooks multi-user network is a large firm because in giant organisations there are so many employees who work from different places and needs to randomly have multi-user access of company file in quickbooks desktop which is done by the multi-user setup. Special license by Intuit Inc is required in order to work with QuickBook multi user access in QuickBooks. Therefore if a user intends to get multi-user setup then he/she will need to install separate copy of license..

QuickBooks Multi User Setup Process

While working on the same network in quickbooks, it enables many users to access the same company file on the same time providing the intuit quickbooks database server manager is installed in all user-systems individually. Every account is different and provides different user access in quickbooks, such as:

Enterprise Solutions:

This is the type of quickbooks account in which total 30 user access can be gained easily for company file.

Quickbooks Premier:

This is the type of quickbooks account in which total 5 user access can be gained easily for company file.

Quickbooks Pro:

This is the type of quickbooks account in which total 3 user access can be gained easily for company file.

Prerequisites for QuickBooks Multi-User Setups

  • Quickbooks Company Files installed up users: Users Setups are required by the QB users before they intend to work with the multi-user mode.
  • Examination of windows file permission by the users: The users are required to select and examine the windows file permissions by putting admin login credentials using quickbooks by intuit inc.
  • Verification of database server manager by users: Users are required to activate the quickbooks database server manager before going for multi-user mode.

Fundamental Guideline For Quickbooks Multi-User Setup

There are many ways to install quickbooks multi user setup. Few of them are listed below, pick the process that seems easy for using multi user quickbooks.

Method no 1:

Quickbooks Desktop Download and Install

  • The very first step includes the downloading process of software quickbooks and save it on the system as a file.
  • Secondly, get the quickbooks software installed that you downloaded in the computer system.
  • Now run the installation of multi-user Host.
Method no 2:

Multi-User in quickbooks activation

  • Firstly, launch your quickbooks software on the system.
  • If the latest version of quickbooks company is available, then update it.
  • Using QB software, go to File > select Utilities > select Host Multi-user access.
Method no 3:

Activate the windows access permissions to remotely operate company files.

  • Firstly, select and open the folder in which company file is located.
  • Second step includes the selection of the option Properties and after that select Security then select the option Edit.
  • Now it is the time to select QBDataServiceXX and after that select the option Full Control then proceed by hitting the option Allow.
  • When you proceed with allow, select Apply option to apply the modification on the data, then hit OK.
  • And eventually in the last step get the windows access permissions set up to remotely operate company files.
Method no 4:

Security and Firewall Settings Configuration

  • The very first step includes the launch of Start Menu, from where the QB user will look for Firewall and security settings.
  • Secondly, user is suggested to choose the option Windows Firewall and then there he/she will find the option Advance Settings.
  • There comes the next step in which user will go for the option Inbound Rules, and proceed with New Rule option in the list. After that, opt for the option Port and Next as well.
  • Fourth step is the checking of the option TCP by the user, and proceed by typing in the specific ports there as respect to the current version of your quickbooks software.
  • In the fifth step, select the option Allow the Connection.
  • Now user will see different files that he need to tick-mark and proceed with the option Next for further process.
  • After that, the rule which was created needs a name, assign any word to it and proceed by hitting the option Finish.
  • In the end, while using multi-users mode, open the quickbooks. This is how users can end this process.
Method no 5:

Quickbooks Database File Checking

  • Go to Start > select Programs.
  • Opt for the one of the QB products – QB database server manager
  • Choose Scan Folders.
  • Then Add Folder.
  • Choose company file > hit OK > Add Folder.
  • Now go for Scan option.
  • In the end Close it.
QuickBooks Support

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