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A host of complex tasks is performed by quickbooks accounting software for instance preparing taxes, creating invoices, and expense tracking that eventually boost up the business performance. However, same as all other man-made tools, this compatible software gets some technical snags too that can influence productivity of quickbooks users but all this can be easily fixed after the Quickbooks file doctor download.

The QuickBooks creator Intuit®, made another cooperating tool which was named Quickbooks File Doctor abbreviated as QBFD. This fantastic tool makes quickbooks user able to prevent issues of quickbooks company file before these issues becomes unmanageable by the quickbooks users. Quickbooks file doctor tool, including data damage prevention, also takes care of numerous quickbooks network problems. This software is quite easy to use, that can be useful in handling the errors while managing tasks with quickbooks.

The article which is about to begin is an extensive guide to learn and get the best from quickbooks file doctor tool (QBFD), and get knowledge of different aspects associated with quickbooks file doctor tool. Nonetheless, in order to get more information, quickbooks users can contact or technical support team freely on our 24/7 QuickBooks support phone number. The relevant and beneficial service support will be provided upon contacting team any time by our certified professionals and pro-advisors.

What is Meant By QuickBooks File Doctor?

QBFD is basically a quickbooks repair tool. The worry of the users of quickbooks file doctor tool vanishes with its functions that are useful for corrupted files of company, network issues or damaged company files etc. The design and development of quickbooks file doctor took place in a way to identify and recover errors that interfere in quickbooks accounting software’s smooth work-flow. Quickbooks file doctor (QBFD) is a modest tool to repair files (also referred as quickbooks repair tools) that enable quickbooks users to troubleshoot the issues like data corruption, download file, file and network issues diagnosis, windows problems, type of file and such others.

Using this QBFD tool, the quickbooks users can troubleshoot the errors which they encounter they open a company file, entirely corrupted company files, error codes (QB Error -6147, QB Error -6000, -305, QB Error -6000, -82, etc.) errors of network (Error H505, H303, H202, H101, etc. ). Intuit introduced this tool back in the year 2012, and before this amazing tool, there were two dissimilar program by Intuit to troubleshoot various errors. The name of those two programs were: quickbooks diagnostic tool of network connectivity and quickbooks diagnostic tool of company file. The combination of these two different tools became a single program which is called quickbooks file doctor tool.

The QBFD tool was developed in 2014 R5 and newer QB version, but the inner file doctor merely assists the quickbooks user in fixing data concerned problems, besides this this will not assist the quickbooks user to reach to company file errors or having any sort of issue.

In order to get rid of damaged data present in your software, the quickbooks file doctor tool can be installed, downloaded and run easily.

Where the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Can Users Use?

Following are the situations in which quickbooks users can use QB file doctor tool

  1. Trouble in opening company file
  2. Blank or missed lists for employees, vendors or customers.
  3. Damaged company file
  4. Quickbooks erros -6130/6150
  5. Quickbooks error -6000 -301
  6. Quickbooks error -6000 -305
  7. Quickbooks error 6000 -82
  8. Error code -6147
  9. Quickbooks error -6150

A quickbooks user can eliminate all these errors by making use of file doctor quickbooks.

QuickBooks File Doctor Download Benefits :

  • The QBFD tool is beneficial in troubleshooting the file and network issues.
  • The quickbooks users who encounter errors like -6000 series, can fix the issue with the use of quickbooks file doctor tool.
  • Further, QBFD tool is beneficial that it enables the quickbooks users to resolve the bugs such as H505, H303, H202, or H101 etc.
  • The QBFD benefits much, if in case some important data has been lost by quickbooks user.
  • If a person needs to access company files in his/her computer, and getting any error due to network issue because file is located in some other computer then the quickbooks user can access this particular company file by using QBFD tool.
  • If in a case, the important data or company file is likely to get corrupted, install quickbooks file doctor to protect your important company file
Main Points About QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The quickbooks file doctor helps in many aspects but still there are some important points about quickbooks file doctor tool to know.

  • Before the user download quickbooks file doctor of newest version, he/she needs to uninstall the previous one and then install quickbooks latest.
  • It is suggested for quickbooks users to use an external QBFD tool, as every post 2015 versions has built-in QBFD.
  • For every quickbooks desktop versions of windows, QBFD tool is comprehensively compatible.
  • The quickbooks for Mac are not supported by quickbooks file doctor tool.
  • Majorly, quickbooks file doctor tool has two types
  1. The stand-alone quickbooks version (users can download it from internet and easy to use).
  2. Built-in file doctor quickbooks (this type of quickbooks is available in version 2016 and versions came later)
  • If few errors occur, the quickbooks file doctor might appear spontaneously. For this, hit the button Start and rest will be the share of tool, let it do.
  • If there is a case in which quickbooks file doctor does not automatically show up, then the guide mentioned is recommended.
Compatibility of Quickbooks File Doctor Tool
  • Quickbooks file doctor tool has became built-in tool of quickbooks for the version 2016 quickbooks desktop and the later versions. And for windows quickbooks desktop versions, the file doctor tool is much compatible.
  • For Mac, it is important to know that quickbooks file doctor tool is not compatible with any versions of quickbooks.
Kinds of Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Discussing the quickbooks file doctor tool types, they are fundamentally categorized into two.

  • Quickbooks built-in file doctor is one of the kinds of quickbooks file doctor tool that is easily available for 2016 version of quickbooks desktop and for the later versions.
  • The other kind of quickbooks file doctor tool is Stand Alone Version. Such versions are operated from the server on which the component quickbooks databse server manager is installed.
Requirements of System
  • Diagnosis and Repairing of Network: In windows, usage of admin login
  • Repairing of quickbooks file: It is not a compulsion for installation in system.
  • Diagnosis and Repairing of Muilti-user: Verifying quickbooks is being hosted in on-mode.
Guide To Use Stand Alone Version of Quickbooks File Doctor
  1. In step one, get the latest version, but uninstallation of existing version of quickbooks file doctor is mandatory before getting the newset one.
  2. From the official website of Intuit, download the quickbooks file doctor or simply hit the Run (if system has it already).
  3. Now, follow the instructions given on screen, open it by double clicking on quickbooks file doctor tool and get the installation process completed. If the tool installation is completed and yet it is not being shown on the screen, then try to open it by making use of windows task bar or just double click over the icon.
  4. Next step is to locate your company file and for that use the drop-down menu or simply hit the option Browse to find it in system’s hard drive manually.
  5. Then select the option Check File Damage Only and apply the basic fix by hitting on the option Diagnose File. In order to troubleshoot any errors, initiate the quickbooks file diagnostics while working with the accounting software.
  6. The two options will be given by quickbooks file doctor tool to select from. Select one option which seems appropriate to you for your problem/error. Fortunately both of these options are very much understandable. If a user encounters the error -6000 series, or gets a feeling that system is damaged, then it is recommended to choose first option. While it is recommended to choose the second option if user encounters the network issues (like Error H505, Error H303, Error 202 or Error 101).
  7. When done with the sixth step, user will need to add type the password when Company File Admin Password prompts and hit the button Next.
  8. In the eighth step, user will be required to select one option from the given two choices to continue identifying and troubleshooting the errors. If the user is performing diagnosis and fixing over the system of client then, user is required to opt for the option Workstation. It denotes that quickbooks company file is not hosted or located on that system. Further, if the user is performing diagnosis and fixing errors on quickbooks client’s system, then go for the option Server, that denotes the quickbooks company file is hosted or located on that system.
  9. If the user is working on quickbooks host/server, then he/she needs to go for the option Yes and if the user is working on quickbooks workstation then he/she needs to go for the option No.
  10. After that, the company files will start getting repaired by quickbooks file doctor. Since this repairing process takes some time, the user should be patient meanwhile.
  11. The user needs to wait till the diagnosing and error fixing process is done by QB file doctor. The severity of errors, size of quickbooks company file and the speed of local area network might affect the processing time i.e. greater the company file, low LAN speed, or severe error, the greater time will it take to process. The process should not be interrupted in between.
  12. A success message will prompt up after the troubleshooting process is done. And now, it is the time to exit the quickbooks file doctor tool.
  13. Instead of checking the repair process results, directly open up the company file.
Fundamental information for Built-In QB File Doctor
  • For the QB versions of UK, CA and US, this built-in version works.
  • This version supports windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 and compatible with servers 2003-2012.
  • Built-in QB file doctor is used for data and file repair, QB does not have to be necessarily installed on the computer.
  • If on the desktop, .net frame 2.0 is not present then in this case it will be installed by QB file doctor through diagnostic tool.
  • QB file doctor is helpful in network diagnosis and error repair, or QB needs to be installed on desktop operating the internal file doctor.
Guide to Use Built-In QB File Doctor

Error identification and its troubleshooting launch automatically when using internal or built-in QB file doctor. When the QB file doctor window opens, hit the button Start and the tool will initiate process to troubleshoot the errors. The other option selections will be as same as described in instructions of stand alone version of QB file doctor above.

  • Open up the QB desktop, user is not required to open the company file.
  • Navigate to File Menu.
  • Then choose the option Utilities.
  • In order to open QB file doctor, select Repair File and Network Problems.
  • After that, hit on Browse and pick a company file that requires error identification and repairing, and then hit Open.
  • In the drop-down list of Show Advance Settings, choose the error troubleshooting type according to your file and click on Next.
  • Here for company file, put the admin password when it prompts and click on Next option.
  • Once the process of diagnosis and repair is completed, open the QB company file.
Possibilities of Results after Quickbooks file doctor download
  1. QBFD Couldn’t Locate a Problem: It is possible that QBFD might not detect an issue, for this situation the user needs to get logged in again to company file and still of there is error then initiat with the setup of Auto Data Recovery, and add the transactions from the last backup.
  2. QBFD Located a Problem And Resolved it: If the QBFD successfully found the problem and fixed it accordingly then this is a green flag. When the process is completed, then user needs to select the option Open New Company.
  3. QBFD Located a Problem But Couldn’t Resolve it: When QBFD locates an error but cannot fix it then it is recommended by QB software to use Auto Data Recovery Setup and add the transactions since the last back up manually or upload the company file.
QBFD Tool Limitations

Every software comes up with some limitations for its efficiency, in the same way QBFD Tool has few limitations which are mentioned below:

  • To upload file and repair manually, a stable internet connect is must to have by user, and linked to the work process.
  • The size of company file must not cross the limit 2GB.
  • In order to run network diagnosis, the user is required to follow admin panel and also QB has to be in hosting mode.
  • The QBFD Tool is only accessible for UK and US version.
  • When the user account control of windows is activated, the QBFD tool will start with advance admin privileges.
  • When the company file is not accessible, only then user should start Quickbooks file doctor download

Here comes the end of this comprehensive QBFD Tool article. After which we anticiapte extensive understanding of QBFD tool and other important aspects linked with it. However, if the reader couldn’t understand any aspect, needs to learn more or even need any kind of Quickbooks help then our expert are always happy to give you 24/7 online assistance. You only need to call us on our quickbooks support number, and our pro-advisors & professional team will certainly meet your needs.

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