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The users of quickbooks are well aware that how a bug in quickbooks can create hindrances to affect accounting operations and stop the productivity completely till the diagnosed error gets fixed. For that reason, it is quite important to have knowledge of the tools that are beneficial in reducing the time-span of error fixing in quickbooks.

Considering such common network issues, a robust tool was introduced with the name Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, that helps in solving errors in quickbooks, which are harmful enough to halt the working completely and stop important operations.

There are many businesses and organizations in which quickbooks accounts are being accessed by more than one quickbooks user. As single user doesn’t operate accounts in quickbooks, the problem related to multi user arises here. In the mean time, quickbooks operations also gets disturbed by other factors like poor connection issues among different files of quickbooks and database server manager, and also corrupt company file. Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool helps a lot in troubleshooting quickbooks desktop errors such as 6000 series errors and H-series errors.

Compatibility of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Compatibility plays a vital role in selection of any repairing software. A computer system that supports Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, or MS Windows 7 with quickbooks version 2008 or versions that come later, enjoys quickbooks connection diagnostic tool compatibility. And the systems supporting Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or newer versions are also compatible with quickbooks connection diagnostic tool which means user will be able to use it on Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions.

What Is The Right Time to Run Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool?

There are many circumstances in which errors can get fixed by quickbooks connection diagnostic tool, those situations are following:

  • If a person is using quickbooks on multi-user mode and has issues related to the network connection.
  • Bugs related to Windows Firewall, that might create obstacles in normal operations of quickbooks, can be resolved through diagnostic tool quickbooks connection.
  • If you have corrupted or damaged quickbooks company file in your system that can become hindrances for specific operations or does not let you access those company files.
  • Sometimes an error occurs that shows empty lists of customers and vendors, it can be fixed using diagnostic tool quickbooks connection, user merely needs to download it.
  • In a case, when employees are updating entries in the system but it is not being modified in the quickbooks. This error can be resolved, simply download quickbooks connection diagnostic tool and its guide.
  • When in organizations quickbooks accounts are accessed by more than one user, then multi-user error occurs which can be categorized in H-series error, can also be fixed, user just needs to download the quickbooks connection diagnostic tool.
  • Errors like 6000-series are unexpected and can be fixed through quickbooks connection diagnostic tool.
  • A case in which quickbooks functions have been attacked by virus, it can get recovered easily, user is simply required to download the quickbooks connection diagnostic tool.

Guide to Download, Install and Run Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  1. Turn on your system and open Control Panel. Here it is essentially required to find out under programs whether your computer already has installed older version of quickbooks connection diagnostic tool or not.
  2. If you could successfully locate the older version, then make sure to uninstall it before installing the latest version. To delete this version, simply click on it and uninstall it. This is important to uninstall the previous version before user download the latest one, as old and newer versions might conflict with one another and create further issues in fixing your quickbooks error.
  3. Go to the authentic website of Intuit and easily download the quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. It is important to know the path in system where user can locate the download folder on the desktop.
  4. In case, user is unaware of the download folder (where the downloaded file is saved) location, the he/she is required to select an easy-to-locate location on the desktop from where it is always to get a desired downloaded file. Preferably keep it on desktop to easily get your file from (front page).
  5. When the download process is done, go to the download folder location, click for twice on its icon. This folder will open up and there you’ll find a file named Setup. Now in order to start installation process of quickbooks connection diagnostic tool, double click on the Setup.
  6. After you are done with installation process, quickbooks connection diagnostic tool will automatically launch up. Moreover, if quickbooks connection diagnostic tool doesn’t launch itself then it means your system has not allowed automatic launch in settings. To enable automatic launch, get back to your installed files of tool and click twice on the .exe file.

Guide to Use Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Here you will get a comprehensive step by step guide to use quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. When a user requires to use quickbooks connection diagnostic tool, he/she needs to launch this tool on the desktop. Here, user will be able to see available company file ready for troubleshooting process in quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. User needs to pick a company file that he/she wants to run for diagnosis. Some business and organizations allow multiple users to access file on quickbooks, for them (multi-user organizations) it is necessary to test connectivity i.e. get the test connectivity option check marked. And there are many users who operate quickbooks being a single user, it is necessary for them test connectivity too, i.e. get the test connectivity option unchecked. After that initiate the diagnosis process and enable quickbooks connection diagnostic tool to fix error that it detects in the company file.

The quickbooks connection diagnostic Tool is is advantageous for one-time error, and also for more occurrences of the same error. Anytime in upcoming future, if a user faces any of the mentioned above errors that could be fixed through connection diagnosis tool, then user will need to follow the guide mentioned below:

  • When a user come across an issue related to firewall status of network errors with company file in quickbooks, then open Utility Menu and select Repair File and Network Problems. In the meantime on quickbooks, the company file will be functional.
  • In order to run file on diagnostic tool, users need to Agree to collection of data by hitting on the option Yes.
  • Now, it is required to open the company file that is corrupted, and tick mark the box Show Advance Settings when its window pop up.
  • Check the list of Drop Down Menu, here user will find all the possible errors, select one issue that appropriately his/her error.
  • In the next step, it will be required to put login credentials of quickbooks and then give command to quickbooks diagnostic install tool to initiate error troubleshooting and fix the corrupted file. User needs to have patience as this process take a little longer.
  • When the quickbooks diagnostic tool is done with the process and errors are resolved, then it is the time to restart the quickbooks to make sure the error is fixed.

On the basis of the errors that a user faces, he/she can make use of connection diagnostic tool quickbooks to check firewall status and test connectivity of the system. If any errors occur related to firewall status or connectivity, then system will auto-generate a solution suggestion to overcome the issue. The quickbooks connection diagnostic tool is beneficial in accurately fix errors of C++, MSXML and .NET.


Consequently, user simply requires to run quickbooks install diagnostic tool to overcome errors of different kinds which might then entail support of extensive technical proficients to fix. Moreover, it is a perfect tool for those who use quickbooks regularly, helpful for connectivity errors that users will want to fix efficiently in no time and get back to their work quickly. Addressing a wide range of quickbooks errors, this tool definitely fix the issue but also saves you from hassle of time consuming procedures and external technical support that keeps you waiting for hours to get a troubleshooting response online via emails. Even after using quickbooks connection diagnostics tool, if user is still not able to diagnose or fix the problem then he/she needs to get in touch with a professional team of quickbooks with all rights reserved that can diagnose and fix the error in minimum time.

At the end of this comprehensive article and its various other important aspects that has been discussed above, we anticipate an extensive understanding of Connection Diagnostic Tool Quickbooks by the reader, however if the reader still finds any ambiguity, want to learn more or needs a technical support then our customer support team is available 7 days in a week that can connect you to the experts of quickbooks technical support (all rights reserved) and save you time. We encourage you all to feel free to call us on our QuickBooks Support number or visit our website to chat with our representative any time and get a pro-advisor to solve your quickbooks related issues.