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Get opportunity to learn how to fix quickbooks error 6000 along with many other such errors, it will enable you to resolve error by yourself, thus you time and effort will be saved.

Intuit has introduced a robust accounting software with so many tools that meet the need of variety of errors faced by quickbooks users. Since there are so many quickbooks tool, therefore so many errors have come with them. Previously we have discussed H- series errors, quickbooks error 6123, quickbooks error, quickbooks error 3371 etc.

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While using quickbooks, it has been reported in community forums that there are numerous users who had been facing quickbooks error 6000 whenever they tried to access quickbooks company file. If the system is having quickbooks error code 6000 then there is no chance that he/she could easily access or open the quickbooks company file and consequently it affects entire performance of this accounting software.

Note: User needs to get a quick fix immediately for the quickbooks error 6000, before he/she start working on this accounting software again.

When a system encounters quickbooks error 6000, the display screen will show a notification for it. It is stated as:

“An error was found while quickbooks attempted to open a company file. Please access it one more time. If the error still exists, then get in touch with technical support and inform them about the quickbooks error -6000”.

Also, “We apologize for the inconvenience, an error has been found, while accessing company file”.

About Quickbooks Error 6000

User attempts to open quickbooks company files for many times in quickbooks software. While doing so, if the user will face quickbooks error 6000, also this could be the possibility that company file will not be accessed by the user. This type of error is presented in four numbers always, and it is quite an obvious indicator that user can no longer open a company file. There is no need to get worried if you encounter such an error in quickbooks software. You can get help regarding quickbooks issues from our technical support team anytime, that will provide you quick and easy solution to save your time.

List of QuickBooks Error 6000 Series

The error code -6000 has so many errors which are not a big issue when faced by users (as our quickbooks expert are always ready to help) but they can affect the entire working of quickbooks software. Below is the list of such dangerous errors of quickbooks error 6000 series.

-6147,0: This error occurs when a user attempts to restore files or he try to access a company file.
-6131,0: This error occurs when user locally access company file.
-6087,0: This error also occur through local connectivity for company files.
-6120: This error occurs when the system is blocked on which firewall port 8019 or company file are being hosted.
-6144,0: This error occurs when the file .ND does not get correct location in quickbooks company file or even if the account of windows user (being utilized by quickbooks database manager) is damaged.
-6144,103: The reason for this error is exactly as the reason of error -6144,0 i.e. damaged windows user account and incorrect path of .ND file.
-6073, -816: The reason for this error might be blocked settings of firewall or file hosting with multi-user mode, or even the corrupted file.
-6000, -305: This error occurs when the company file is corrupted or the network setup is incorrect.
-6189, 1005: This error occurs when a user launch quickbooks and try to access sample company file.
-6190, 1005: The reason is same as error -6189, 1005.
-6144, -304: The reason is same as error -6189, 1005.
-6000, -832: This error occurs if the .ND file is not functional or when the hosting is active.
-6190, 82: This error occurs when the system is not on multi-user mode, and more than one user gets active on single user mode to access a company file.
-6190, 85: The reason is same as error -6190, 82.
-6190, 816: The reason is same as error -6190, 82.
-6129, -101:This error occurs when quickbooks database server manager is not functional or when the permission for folder is not correct.
-6012, -1061: This error occurs when the network setup is not correct.
-6000, 82: This error occurs when the network setup is not correct.
-6144, -82: This error occurs when the network setup is not correct.
-6190, -83: This error occurs when the company file is not being hosted by the server system.
-6189, -83: The reason is same as error -6190, -83.
-6210, 0: The reason is same as error -6190, -83.
-6138, -105: The reason is same as error -6190, -83.
-6010, -100: The reason is same as error -6190, -83.
-6000, -1076: This error occurs when the installation of quickbooks is corrupted.
-6000, -107: This error occurs when the file .TLG is corrupted.
-6176, 0: This error occurs when the link of two systems gets blocked by firewall.

Indicators of QuickBooks Error 6000

When the quickbooks error 6000 occurs in a system, it explicitly shows some symbols or signs that helps in identifying this error. Below are those indicators:

  • When this error message pops up in quickbooks, it explicitly involves the words “Error 6000”.
  • With error 6000, the computers crash repeatedly in quickbooks.
  • The operations of windows become slow for input devices like keyboards and mouse.
  • Also, when the computer system gets stuck or freeze again and again.

Factors That Causes Quickbooks Error 6000

There are numerous reasons that lead to quickbooks error code 6000. Below is the list of those factors.

  • Internet issues, improper security programs or firewall settings lead to quickbooks error 6000.
  • When the existing file in quickbooks software is corrupted, QuickBooks error code message occurs.
  • When installation of quickbooks was not finished properly.
  • When configuration of network connection is not correct.
  • Issues to open the file i.e. corrupted or damaged.
  • When the .TLG file is found corrupted.
  • When quickbooks user attempts to restore old file of backup.

Quick Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 As Per Scenario

The quickbooks error code 6000 has series of errors i.e. quickbooks error 6098, quickbooks error 6129, quickbooks error 32122 (discussed above), user needs to identify the error type and then try to implement solution accordingly.

Scenario no.1: When Users Try To Locally Open The Company File

Here is the first scenario, in which a file is opened by user locally in quickbooks (the computer on which QB accounting software is being hosted).

Method no 1:

If the user change the location of the file, then it will not get opened on new location. For this, a company file backup needs to be restored to verify whether the issue is linked with current file of employer i.e. .QBW. Below is the guideline to fix this issue:

  1. In the very first step, make sure your computer is not a hosting system. To make it sure, open the company file. There you can see menu named as File, from its menu choose the option Utilities. Now, turn off the multi-user access, user can off it by clicking on option Stop Multi-User Hosting. Open this and hit Yes. During all this process, user needs to make sure that he/she has already shut down the company files window.
  2. When you will rename the company file, it should be kept in mind that new name does not exceed the characters limit 210. To perform this task, go to the company file’s location, here you will see the bar of address on top, copy that address and open the notepad to paste it. When done, user is required to count the number of characters along with spaces.
  3. Lastly, user will restore the quickbooks file.
Method no. 2:
Rename The Data Files .TLG And .ND

The data files .TLG and .ND are imperative parts of quickbooks company file. These company file are called setup files, which can be accessed through multi-user mode or any network in quickbooks software.

When the data files .TLG and .ND are corrupt or damaged and in this duration if the user attempts to access the quickbooks company file then he/she will face error. When user rename the quickbooks file, there is no harm doing this, as altering the company file name will not affect anything in quickbooks. The time users scan the company file, these are created again with quickbooks database server manager and this also happens when they try to access company file.

  1. Firstly, user needs to open the folder having company file in it.
  2. Secondly, look for the file that has exactly the same name as of the company file in your system having the file extensions .TLG and .ND i.e. company_file.qbw.tlg or company_file.qbw.nd.
  3. In the third step, user needs to second click on the file and look for the option Rename, and select it. Here user is required to make sure while renaming file, put OLD word extension at the end i.e. company_file.qbw.tlg.OLD.
  4. Lastly, launch the quickbooks software and open the company file.
Method no. 3:
Open The Sample Quickbooks Company File

The reason to open sample quickbooks company file is to troubleshoot the errors, like if errors exist in company file or anywhere in quickbooks software. While checking all this, if the company file open and close then its fine but if user fails to close it then consider it an indicator of quickbooks installation error that occurred because of damaged file.

  • Firstly, users needs to make sure he/she is working in opened window of No Company File.
  • Go to Open a Sample File option, a drop down menu will open up.
  • From that drop down menu, select the sample quickbooks company files according to the requirement.

Scenario no. 2: User Opens QB Company File With Network

The other scenario is the one in which user might open the quickbooks company file using any network, that means the file user try to access is already stored on other system or server.

Method no. 1:
Locally Access The Quickbooks Company File

User can check whether their system is having errors or not by opening up their company file in quickbooks locally. If it displays abnormal functioning of desktop then there is a possibility that file is damaged. Below is the detailed step by step method.

  • First of all, open the folder having company files of quickbooks.
  • Secondly, look for the extension .qbw in the files.
  • Then copy that file by second click on the icon and select Copy.
  • Paste this file on quickbooks desktop by second click on the icon an select Paste.
  • Now enter in the No Company Open by pressing and holding Ctrl key on the keyboard until it successfully opens.
  • And then finally choose the option Open or restore an existing company.
Method no. 2:
Check That All Systems Have Activated Hosting
  • Open Information Windows by pressing the key F2.
  • Turn off the hosting and look for the option Local Web Server.
  • Issue will be resolved.

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