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A lot of QuickBooks Desktop users have less knowledge on how to Setup email in QuickBooks, due to which they are not able to send emails through quickbooks itself, rather they are able to do it through browser or any third party software. Keeping this in mind this article was created, after reading this user will have adequate amount of knowledge on Quickbooks email setup.

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Whats possible with QuickBooks email setup?

QuickBooks is considered one of the best accounting software in world moreover the emailing through Quickbooks makes it more beneficial. Below we have mentioned all these benefits possible with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Quickbooks email setup helps you to direct email invoices and estimates to customers.
  • User can also send automatic payment reminder to customers through email
  • It also helps to get details from vendors and customers
  • Person can directly import all important data from spreadsheet and can also insert attachment upto 2 MB
  • It also helps in communicating and exchanging information within the offices.

What all is need to set-up email in QuickBooks?

The necessary information needed for setting up email in QuickBooks is:

  • Incoming email server type
  • Outgoing email server address
  • Incoming email server address
  • Password
  • Username

Supported Email options in QuickBooks Desktop

Before moving forward to the next step of Quickbooks email setup, very important thing a user need to know is the system requirement of the version of Quickbooks he/she is using because in some cases they are not up to date on the software part, moreover even having a look on the third party emailing software used on the computer is also necessary. Following options:

  • Outlook: In order to get assistance for Microsoft outlook it is necessary that user should have already installed Outlook on the computer, it is advised to use outlook with quickbooks coz its s preferred email client and offer effective and better hold.
  • QuickBooks Email: It is not much used as it is more complicated and less user friendly, so mostly users rely on MS Outlook.
  • Webmail: In 2011 this was introduced to users so that they can easily use Gmail, Yahoo mail and all other email service providers.

How to setup email in QuickBooks

Right way to setup email service in quickbooks may be different from client to client, like it would be different for outlook, different for webmail, keeping that it mind all the ways will be discussed in this post

Outlook Setup

  • To start setting up outlook on quickbooks first and for most you need to have an outlook account. If you already have one start with it or create a new.
  • Now, make sure you have all the necessary information to set-up outlook as the email client
  • Now we are ready to setup outlook in Quickbooks
  • User need to first choose the “Preference” and after that Send forms from the “Edit menu” in Quickbooks.
  • After that choose “Outlook” from the drop down menu and then click on “Ok”

Setup email service in QuickBooks

  • Select QuickBooks email settings, to setup email service in quickbooks
  • Any user with active Intuit® services can only use QuickBooks email options
  • Window will appear on screen which has to be filled with important information like username, password, email address etc.
  • Once all the necessary information if filled you are good to go for emailing through quickbooks

Setup Webmail

People using QuickBooks Desktop (any variant) are eligible to use webmail straight away without any setup through certain service providers , lets have a look:

QuickBooks Desktop 2019-20: Service provider compatible are Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Aol.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018: Hotmail & Gmail only compatible in USA, Canada and UK

QuickBooks Desktop 2017: Webmail is only available for Users with R5 and higher version users.

  1. Click on Edit and then click on Send forms from the drop down menu.
  2. Now click on My Preferences and now click on Webmail from the options.
  3. Now it will prompt you to enter the Email address wanted to be used for QuickBooks webmail.
  4. Check mark the SSL Security Box
  5. Last step is to enter the SMTP sever & Port Configuration, make sure you enter the correct information and then click OK.

6. Once this is done you are all set for emailing through your quickbooks and can help others on how to Setup email in QuickBooks, Incase any error message is encountered please contact us for QuickBooks Support and all necessary help will be provided on how to Setup email in QuickBooks.


Email Service Provider and Port Information (For USA)

Email Service ProviderSMTP ServerSMTP Port
1AND1.comsmtp.1and1.com587 (SSL enabled, with password)
ADELPHIAmail.adelphia.net110 or 587 (see Note)  (SSL enabled for incoming and outgoing mail server)
BELL SOUTHmail.bellsouth.net110 or 587
COX Businesssmarthost.coxmail.com25
COX CENTRALsmtp.central.cox.net25
COX EASTsmtp.east.cox.net25
COX WESTsmtp.west.cox.net25
EARTHLINKsmtpauth.earthlink.net25 (with password)
GODADDYsmtpout.secureserver.net80, 25, or 3535
GODADDY with Office 365smtp.office365.com587 (SSL enabled)
MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 365outlook.office365.com587 (SSL enabled)
NETSCAPEsmtp.isp.netscape.com25 (SSL enabled)
PRODIGYsmtp.prodigy.net25 (SSL enabled)
SPRINT PCSsmtp.sprintpcs.com25

Probably this is all the important informations one needs to know on how to setup email in quickbooks, In case even after following all the steps correctly you encounter any issues with your QuickBooks Desktop, feel free to contact us on our Quickbooks support phone number our well versed certified pro advisors are available 24/7 to assist you on how to Setup email in QuickBooks