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A powerful software introduced by Intuit named as Quickbooks – is an invincible accounting software that handles great operations of giant organisations. It has come with many amazing features that cater different needs related to accounting and finance. One of those QB features is Multi-User Mode; the multi-user mode makes users able access same company file of quickbooks simultaneously. Because of some technical malfunctions (that could be external or internal), the quickbooks h202 error occurs. The quickbooks h202 error comes up when the system cannot successfully connect to/open quickbooks company file and thus blocks user to make use of this company file.

This detailed article has been presented with intention to help QB users in troubleshooting the quickbooks error h202 and its significant causes. You will find effective method with which you can easily and quickly recover your QB efficient functioning. Further alternate methods are also mentioned with easy to understand guide for the quickbooks error h202, that occurs when user attempts to access or open quickbooks company file from the computer system. Whenever this type of error occurs, user will see a notification that states Error Found: You are attempting to open quickbooks company file that is stored on another system, therefore this quickbooks copy is not able to access the quickbooks database server manager located on different system.

Before jumping to the quickbooks error h202 troubleshooting process, we want our users to have enough knowledge to identify this error. In this way user will be able to efficiently and easily tackle the error.

Why Does QuickBooks Error Code H202 Occur?

Quickbooks has so many tools to cater different accounting functions and along with so many functions the probability of errors increases side by side. To cope up with such situations in which users feel themselves totally stuck, we try to provide easy to understand and easy to execute solutions. Similarly below is the quick fix guide mentioned for quickbooks error.

A connection to quickbooks is created with quickbooks database server manager every time users try to open quickbooks company file. And when users cannot access quickbooks company file i.e. couldn’t connect to quickbooks database server manager then it indicates the occurrence of quickbooks error code h202.

  • When settings or configuration of file hosting in quickbooks is wrong.
  • When a firewall security software create hindrance for communication in quickbooks.
  • When the server or host computer cannot get ping from quickbooks system i.e. IP address becomes inaccessible.
  • When a conflict creates between DNS Server and quickbooks database server manager.
  • When any component is damaged or services of quickbooks are not operative.
  • When there is a clash between multi-user mode of quickbooks database server manager.
  • When there is no port available for quickbooks error code h202.

Since there are so many factors that can cause quickbooks error h202, so there exists multiple methods to overcome the errors of H series. The H-series errors are H505, H303, H202, H101 etc., and the solutions of these errors are more or less same with difference of little but important exceptional methods.

Lets find out more about these different methods of quickbooks error code h202.

Possible Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error H202

Method no. 1: Calibration & Testing of Network Connectivity

  • User is required to launch quickbooks in all the systems intended to use the quickbooks.
  • Look for the File option, then choose the option Utilities and turn your hosting off.
  • Now find icon of windows on your keyboard i.e. windows key, press it and write the text This PC on the host system of quickbooks.
  • On the left side of the screen, user will see an option Network , double click it in order to check whether all the networks created are visible or not.
  • After that, get active on host system or server system of quickbooks and ping all the systems present in the network.
  • Here, pick a system in which quickbooks error h202 is present, and from this system, ping the host/server system of quickbooks.
  • The ping test command will be executed on Command Prompt in the server system.
  • It is time to ping the syntax of command that is ping [System Name] and after that hit Enter.

When data packet is lost and command prompt is latent, it shows that such disturbance is because of glitches in Local Area Network (LAN) i.e. quickbooks error code h202. Get your network issues by yourself if you have know-how of technology. The problems of network do not relate with hardware side mostly, thus a need of quickbooks expert arises here.

Method no.2: Network Issues Identification By QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • First step involves quickbooks connection diagnostic tool, thus download and install it.
  • Secondly, launch this tool, pick the quickbooks company files and scan them.
  • While the tool is in launch process, an IP address will be displayed, note it vigilantly.
  • Right in the section of Firewall Status, user will see an option Open Ports Button which serves the purpose of enabling ports.
  • Here, the key point is to exactly follow the instructions of wizard throughout.
  • Get active on the system that has quickbooks error h202, and give a try in opening company files from this system.

In case quickbooks error code h202 is still present there, user is required to keep quickbooks firewall port in his/her security software and windows firewall in order to overcome the quickbooks error code h202.

About Quickbooks Firewall Ports
  1. Firewall Ports for Quickbooks Version 2016: 56726, 8019 and 553688-55372.
  2. Firewall Ports for Quickbooks Version 2017: 55373-55377, 8019 and 56727.
  3. Firewall Ports for Quickbooks Version 2018: 55378-55382, 8019 and 56728.
  4. Firewall Ports for Quickbooks Version 2019: This version does not involve firewall ports that are static. When the user get the company files scanned in quickbooks database server manager. When the server manager is done with scanning then the port spontaneously gets renewed.

Note: After trying the method above, if user gets quickbooks error h202 again then next method is recommended.

Method no.3: Add The Details of QB Server To Windows Host File

  • First of all, keep it clear that the method (QB server) we are going to try is being performed the system that is having quickbooks error h202.
  • Secondly, locate the file of windows host through the path in C-drive windows> system32> drivers> etc.
  • User is required to browse the location of windows host file.
  • Hover over the windows host file, hit mouse click of right side, then choose option Open With Option and after that choose Notepad.
  • Next, user will write server IP address by scroll the system till host file end.
  • When done with server address, find the key Tab, press it one time and write server name of quickbooks.
  • Keep the changes saved by pressing Ctrl+S together and shut down the notepad.

This approach has helped so many quickbooks user in getting fixed the QB error. But use method no. 4 if above methods did not work.

Method no. 4: Relocate the QB Company Files

  • User is recommended to make new folder in quickbooks system specifically in C-Drive to keep his/her QB company files saved.
  • Open up the folder of company files, selecet .TLG file and company file, then copy it by pressting Ctrl+C together.
  • Now open up the folder of newly created company file, paste the selected company file here by pressing Ctrl+V together.
  • In the next step, user is recommended to launch the QB company file using multi-user mode. Because quickbooks creates different bugs with multi-user mode. Therefore such testing is always done with multi-user mode in QB
  • In trying to open QB company file in multi-user mode.
  • While using multi-user mode, if the h202 quickbooks error pops up then try luck in the next method.

Method no. 5: QB database Server Manager Configuration

  • Locate the Windows key on your keyboard, press it along with R i.e. Windows + R, then write down msc and choose the option Services.
  • Open up the list of services and keep scrolling untill you find quickbooksDBXX (here XX indicated the quicbooks version).
  • Click or twice on the services quickbooksDBXX and opt for the option Stop in order to disable the QB services.
  • Go to the option Start, user will see a drop down menu, here choose the Automatic option as an option to start service.
  • One more time launch the QB and try to open up the QB company file.

If the service QB database server manager is not working properly then the quickbooks error h202 will occur. After following the method above error h202 in opening company file will be resolved if not, restart the selected service, otherwise move to next solution.

Method no. 6: Rename the Company Files .ND & .TLG

  • First of all, shut down quickbooks desktop on every system.
  • Get active on server system and access the company file from this server.
  • Look for the .TLG company, select it (This company file is having QB error, while accessing it).
  • Rename the company file .TLG by right-clicking on it.
  • Rename it by writing OLD in file name and press the key Enter.
  • The way user has renamed the .TLG file, user is required to rename .ND file in the same way, then shut down the folder of QB company file.
  • The files .TLG and .ND will be created automatically when QB user will try accessing the company file after following above steps properly.
  • Hold the key Alt down, launch company file (do not release the key untill the company files open).
  • This is a proved method by majority of QB users and they found it efficient but even after applying this method, if the h202 error quickbooks still exists then jump to the method mentioned below.

Method no. 7: QuickBooks Update & Repair

  • Go to Advance Settings.
  • Select Browse.
  • Find the company file, and choose it (with extensions .QBA or .QBW).
  • Then hit on the option Diagnose File.

Method no. 8: Launch the Control Panel of Windows

  • First of all, shut down QB software from every system.
  • Initiate the Control Panel of Windows and choose the option Programs and Features from windows panel.
  • User will have a long list of already install programs, find quickbooks, select it and go for the option repair/change.
  • During this repair process, keep selecting the affirmative options till the end of process.
  • When the process of repair is finished, next step is to update QB with its latest version.
  • Here, process has been completed. User is required to check whether the h202 quickbooks exists or not by opening up the company file.

The above mentioned steps are useful in getting quick and efficient solution of this error, but since the H-series error are of different types so user might need to try all methods to get the best fix that caters the exact error.

QuickBooks Support

The extensive article caters H-series errors (including error h505 in quickbooks) and all the possible solutions, but if a user gets stuck somewhere or need technical support then give us a buzz at +1888-705-0768 and your issue will be addressed efficiently with optimal solutions.

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