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There are numerous queries about the quickbooks Error 3371 in quickbooks that the people are unable to load license data or also facing issues when they start or activate quickbooks desktop i.e. trouble in loading quickbooks error 3371 status code 11118. These are the errors for which a notification prompts up on the display and the main reason for this could be a damaged company file or any missing company file. If we take a look on recent facts and figures, it is reported that numerous users are encountering the quickbooks error 3371 status code 11118 and people consider it as one of the complex errors as they could not load and get it fixed by themselves. For all these worried users we came up with a comprehensive article to troubleshoot and fix quickbooks error 3371 status code 11118 effectively and efficiently.

What Causes Quickbooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118?

If a person is newbie, intends for the first time to launch or configure the quickbooks company file setup then there is a great possibility that such quickbooks errors 3371 status code 11118 might occur. These type of errors come up in the windows operating system that is not up-to date. Moreover, in some other cases the possibility of the quickbooks errors 3371 increases i.e. a windows component that is missed or damaged by any means and there could be an antivirus program installed by the user in system that could not load it and create hindrances for quickbooks company files.

We must say that quickbooks error 3371 is a complicated errors for which a user needs proper guidelines to troubleshoot or assistance from a technical support team. Considering the best possible solution, we have presented this article with easy and quick solution, and we believe user can resolve such errors by properly following this article’s guidelines. But in case user is having some issues or questions, our experts with all rights reserved for Intuit® Quickbooks and its license data (all license properties) are all the time available for QuickBooks support at +1888-705-0768.

What is Meant By 3371 Quickbooks Error code ?

As far as we have gathered queries about such errors, we could tell easily that this is one of those errors that interrupt the whole working of system and fixing it could be a frustrating procedures for quickbooks users. When users launch Intuit quickbooks desktop in their system, while the system is disturbed with the quickbooks error 3371, they will get the error’s notification on their displays as:

Quickbooks could not load license properties and license data – Quickbooks Error 3371

Quickbooks could not load license properties and license data – Quickbooks Error 3371, status code 11118

Quickbooks could not load license properties and license data – Quickbooks Error 3371, status code -1

Usually the reason for these type of error could be a damaged company file or a missing file. The reason “damaged file” might come up could be not shutting down the system properly and software is active. There are so many other facts about this quickbooks error code 3371.

The stated below error’s message pop up for error code 3371:

Message: The license data could not be loaded by quickbooks. Reason for these errors could be damaged files or missing files in windows operating system. In order to troubleshoot, get knowledge of such errors and write the following in your search engine’s url’s bar:

There could pop up another message box and when user hits the option OK, the fatal quickbooks error could be shown along with notification.

Message: A startup problem has been occurred in quickbooks. The reason for these errors could be use of inappropriate software license, you are required to insert CD of quickbooks in the system to reinstall the valid software. If the system shows this type of errors again, kindly get quickbooks support from the experts.

And again by hitting the button OK will close this notification window.

Major Reasons For Quickbooks Error Code 3371

It is a rule of thumb by Intuit® for users to save the information of license on the system’s hard drive and by any means if the quickbooks users lose their license data/properties, file, information or even the file gets damaged or missed then this type of errors will definitely bother the quickbooks users. If the quickbooks users try to store the information from system’s Drive-C to any other newly paired hard drive then user might face the error 3371. Consequently user is suggested to remove the entitlement files immediately from the system and to stop more bugs, license information must be entered again.

Following Are The Popular Factors Responsible For QuickBooks Error Code 3371

  • QBregistrations.dat Missing File: Usually the license properties and data information is contained by installation file (that is saved ) on the system’s hard drive. In case if such files happen to get damaged then error 3371 occurs. Intuit being the robust accounting software maker, highlight this specific file when it is active.
  • Lost or Damaged Component of MSXML: One of the most powerful components of Microsoft is MSXML, and it is quite essential to run quickbooks in the computers. And in case if this particular file get corrupted, then the error 3371 occurs which makes quickbooks desktop quite complicated to function smoothly.
  • This error code also occurs when anti-virus program gets interrupted.
  • Also, when the quickbooks user begin with company file before saving it properly then error 3371 comes up.
  • One of the main reasons of this error could be crash com error.
  • Another big reason for this error could be the error code 80029a in quickbooks.
  • When user leaves update of windows incomplete, then it becomes an invitation to error code 3371.

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118

As per our research, most of the quickbooks users encounter quickbooks error 3371 and that is why we are writing down different methods to fix the accounting software quickbooks error 3371. Following are the steps to fix it:

Fix no. 1: By Deleting the file ECML
  • To start, press the buttons together winows+R.
  • Then add here EntitlementDataStore.ecml file from the Intuit folder in Drive C.
  • The next location on screen will be Windows Explorer seen by user.
  • Now, gently delete the ecml file by selecting it and hit the button Delete.
  • In the next step shut down the window.
  • When done user is required to register the product one more time by running quickbooks. By the end of this step, we expect that system is error free. But in case if error is not vanished then it is suggested to follow the other processes mentioned.
Fix no. 2: By Updating Windows
  • Press Start or Windows.
  • Choose Check for Updates.
  • If still error is showing up then it is recommended to use quickbooks repair component tool, and do clean installation.
Fix no. 3: By Performing Clean Installation
  • Get the latest windows update installed on your system.
  • Go to All Program > select Windows Update.
  • Finish the update process and move forward to quickbooks software setup.
  • In order to troubleshoot this error, the damaged file entitlementDataStore.ecml is recommended to recreate and fix the license issues in quickbooks. And then do clean installation.
Fix no. 4: Run QB Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Install and run Quickbooks Tool Hub.
  • Go to Tools Hub > Installation Issues.
  • Opt for the option quickbooks install diagnostic tool by clicking on it and run it.
  • Be patient as this process can take longer to troubleshoot the error 3371.
  • Restart the system when process is finished.
Fix no. 5: Use QuickFix My Program
  • First of all, quickbooks desktop is required to get closed.
  • Get quickbooks tool hub downloaded on the system.
  • Open the hub tool and go for the option QuickFix My Program.
  • Go to Installation Issues option, there you will find error 3371, select to get it resolved.
  • After that you will see the option OK, press it.
  • Launch quickbooks desktop and open the company file.
Fix no. 6: Rename Entitlement File
  • Go to Start > Run
  • Here input the EntitlementDataStore.ecml path
  • Press OK.
  • When process is finished, rename the file.
  • The quickbooks 3371 error will be gone by now.
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By the end of this long comprehensive article, we expect an extensive understanding of quickbooks errors 3371. We have tried to incorporate every possible reason for such type of bugs and Six alternate methods that can definitely support in troubleshooting and fixing it. User can try one by one each method in case problem doesn’t get resolved by the previous methods. Further, if anyone required online support for quickbooks related problems then give us a buzz at +1888-705-0768 to talk to customer service representative, who (when needed) can direct you to our technical experts having all rights reserved.

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