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QuickBooks Point of Sale is a QuickBooks product that targets business owners with retail stores or outlets. POS hardware works in conjunction with QuickBooks POS software to provide your business with a high-performing POS solution that improves business efficiency and increases user experience. QuickBooks POS software by Intuit has several functionalities, which make it one of the best in the market. These functions include the ability to keep a track of your inventory, accept card payments, and complete a sale in a relatively short time.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Plans

There are three QuickBooks POS software plans available for users:

Basic The plan allows users to conduct ring sales using the bar code scanner or by entering the item number manually. You can take payments and track your inventory as well as customer data using the POS software. With the basic plan, you will also have access to basic reporting for your business.

Pro In addition to everything you get in the basic plan, the pro plan will provide you with the ability to manage employees and payroll. Additionally, you can use the pro plan to offer layaway, gift cards, rewards, and loyalty programs. It also provides advanced reporting for deeper insight into your sales and operations.

Multi-user Along with all features in basic and pro, multi-user software makes it possible for business owners to manage multiple stores. This is ideal for businesses that run from more than one location. You can easily transfer inventory between the locations and even get consolidated reports for sales and inventories of all stores.

All three plans come with the option of a free trial to experience the software before you start using it for your business. The software can also be integrated with your existing QuickBooks Desktop financial service software. This can help in better inventory tracking and improved business efficiency for the sales and accounting team. Any hardware required for the POS will have to buy separately.

Buy QuickBooks Point of Sale – https://quickbooks.intuit.com/desktop/point-of-sale/pricing/

QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number 24*7 – +1800-316-2193 

QuickBooks Official POS Website – https://quickbooks.intuit.com/desktop/point-of-sale

Industry-Specific Point of Sale Solutions

QuickBooks provides industry-specific solutions for businesses to optimize the POS reporting and functionalities available for users. The five industry options available on QuickBooks are:

  • Small retail business
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Sporting goods and bicycles
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Home improvement

By tailoring the software according to your business requirements, QuickBooks helps you get reports and business insights relevant to your business.

POS Hardware

QuickBooks provides users with all the hardware products which are compatible with QuickBooks POS software. It is ideal to use these POS products to get a 100% guarantee on the compatibility of the hardware and software. It can also reduce unwanted risks related to problems faced with the hardware or software at a later stage. Hardware that you can buy from QuickBooks include:

  • EMV ready PIN pad
  • Receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner (wired and wireless)
  • Cash drawer
  • Pole display
  • Tag printer

In addition to these, you can buy lots of other POS supplies, including price labels, POS paper rolls, and even printable hang tags from QuickBooks.

Top features of QuickBooks POS

Accept payments – You can make the entire sale process quick and easy with QuickBooks POS. Payments can be accepted using credit or debit cards or through cash payments. Users also have the option to accept gift cards when taking payments from customers. It accepts all credit and debit cards.

Ring sales – You can either use a barcode scanner or you can ring sales by manually entering the item names or numbers.

Track inventory – Keep an eye on your inventory using QuickBooks POS so that you know when to restock your products. In addition to finding out your inventory status, you can also get information about what your customers are buying and what they are not buying. This can help you plan your inventory in a better way.

Track your customer data – Your customer information can be jotted down using the POS too. It can help you build healthier and loyal customer relationships and improve your market reputation. The POS can share crucial information related to your customer which can help you deepen the bond. Information like if there is a special discount you can offer your customer or if they have a balance due which has to be paid.

Integrate your POS data with QuickBooks desktop – Your POS data gets synced with your QuickBooks desktop program providing you with improved reporting and better business insight. It can also help your accounting team and the sales team, work in step with each other. This improves business efficiency and inter-department operability.

Offer gift cards and loyalty programs – Encourage your customers to keep coming back by printing coupons on your customer receipts. Also, offer gift cards and loyalty rewards to build stronger customer relationships.

Use QuickBooks POS on a tablet – The QuickBooks POS software is compatible with tablets to help you use the POS functions even when you are on the move. You can track your inventory and check customer information from anywhere in the store or even from your home. It helps you stay updated on all details about your business.

Common Challenges faced by QuickBooks POS users

  1. Navigation is not beginner-friendly – Beginners need time with the software to completely understand how it works. Those who are not tech-friendly may even require training before they can use the QuickBooks POS. This is a challenge for business owners who may want the workforce to use the POS efficiently from the first day.
  2. It takes time to understand different features and functions – Even when you have been trained on how to use the POS, it will take time to understand the features and functions available. From initiating a return and refund request to incorporating a loyalty rewards program in your POS, everything will require research unless you have used the POS before.
  3. New users may need time to complete a sale – Business owners, as well as customers, expect a sale to be completed quickly. It plays a key role in improving user experience and business efficiency. Customers do not like to be kept waiting in a queue. But it takes time to get used to the QuickBooks POS which means you may suffer from slow sales till your employees get used to the process. Then the sales will be quick and easy.
  4. You cannot sync your sales with your online store – Information from your online store may not be integrated with the sales information of your physical store. This can be a challenge for businesses that want to run their online and offline business smoothly.
  5. Managing inventory can be difficult if you do not know the software well – Inventory management can be a concern for users who are not familiar with the POS software. You may either have to spend a lot of time tracking and checking inventories or unknowing employees may accidentally make changes which leads to erroneous inventory reporting.
  6. Tech Support is not free – The biggest challenges for QuickBooks POS users is that support for troubleshooting the software is not always free. Depending on existing offers and promotions you may have limited period free tech support. Otherwise, you have to pay for support for the POS software.

Common QuickBooks Point of Sale Errors

Known POS errors commonly faced by users are:

  • QuickBooks POS Installation errors – This can include the installation of the program for the first time on your device. Or it may be the installation of updates for the POS software. You may also end up noticing installation errors when an existing POS software is being installed on a new device. It will require the transfer of all data files to the new computer.
  • QuickBooks POS Access violation error – Caused because of inadequate permissions, damaged files or corrupted files, this problem can be fixed by updating the software to its latest release. But if the problem continues then, you can contact us for further troubleshooting
  • QuickBooks POS Error: Invalid Product Number – If the product number is correct and you face this problem then it is possible that some of the files may have been damaged or corrupted causing this problem.
  • Connection problems – If the POS is being used over a network of computers, then you may face problems with the connection between the server computer and the workstation computer. It is ideal to use wired connections for all computers on a network. Connection problems may require rebooting the server computer after ensuring that all workstation computers have closed the QuickBooks program.
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WLC’s support team can help you solve errors related to QuickBooks POS so that you can get back to selling your products in no time. Our team provides you with step by step information on resolving problems or errors you may come across when using QuickBooks. You can also call us for guidance in using the QuickBooks POS Support features and functions. We can help you understand how to utilize the features to improve business efficiency and get the most out of your QuickBooks POS software.

Our troubleshooting team also helps you solve problems related to errors or when you are unable to access your QuickBooks POS. We also help you with the integration of your QuickBooks POS and the QuickBooks Desktop software. With the deep insight of different QuickBooks Desktop versions and POS versions, our team can easily navigate you through the software to solve the problem you may be facing.

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