Challenges for a Professional Translator


There are a few common challenges facing companies that want to expand to foreign markets. These include cultural awareness, idiom identification, and reliable internet access. Luckily, there are ways to overcome these obstacles. Let’s take a look. The benefits of a professional translator are many.


Obtaining experience as a professional translator requires a variety of skills. In addition to being fluent in the language of their choice, translators must be familiar with industry-specific terminology. For example, translators working in the medical field should be familiar with medical terminology. In addition, translators need to possess strong computer skills.

One of the best ways to increase your experience as a translator is to volunteer for translation projects. Volunteer translation projects help you gain valuable experience for your portfolio. In addition, ask other people who have used translation services to provide testimonials about your work. The more experience you have, the more likely a prospective client will choose you over another translator.

Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness is crucial for the effective marketing and communication of a translation service. However, many challenges come with cultural differences. In particular, cultural taboos and language barriers can make it difficult to communicate effectively between cultures. A recent example was a story on the VOA news website, where medical interpreters had to use euphemisms to speak about a patient’s sexual health.

Languages are often loaded with cultural terms and expressions, making them difficult to translate. Cultural context is also difficult to translate, as it represents the societal values and worldview of a group of people. In some cases, it can even involve health care procedures, which can cause controversy in a foreign country. A translation that fails to take cultural context into account can result in damage to the reputation of a translation company.

Identifying idioms

One of the challenges of translation is identifying idioms. Idioms are oftentimes a combination of different words or metaphors, and as a translator, it is essential to make sure that you get the correct meaning without changing the meaning of the original text. This can be very challenging, and requires a thorough knowledge of the target language.

Professional translators should use good reference works and monolingual dictionaries to learn the different idioms. They should also consult with native speakers of the target language. This will make it easier for them to identify idioms when a native speaker fails to understand them.

Reliable internet access

It is crucial for a professional translator to have reliable internet access, which can help him or her to work faster and more efficiently. There are two ways to use the internet: online and offline. Online options require internet access, and offline options need a computer to install. They also need space on the computer, and can only work on Windows PCs. In addition, offline options require longer updates and risk losing translation projects if the computer gets damaged.

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