Wiz Live Connect is a global software support provider. We work with the aim of providing prompt support to businesses and institutions that use bookkeeping and accounting software products. Since Accounting is crucial for the smooth running of any business, our aim is to help clients get back to their accounting as usual, as early as possible. 

In order to achieve this goal, our team undergoes extensive training on various accounting products, operating systems and different versions of the supported accounting software. We conduct a lot of research and study into the behavior of various accounting software products in different environments. This helps us easily understand the problems that our clients may be facing and quickly identify the best solution for those problems. 

Since we work remotely with our clients, our team may either connect with your computer using software programs or we may provide you with step by step guidance over the phone. This is something we usually leave for our customers to decide ensuring that they are comfortable with the troubleshooting process. 

We work hard to provide you with round the clock support and ensure that problems can be resolved quickly so that it does not impact your business continuity. All our representatives are experienced professionals who will handle all your queries or problems with competence. Our team ensures that every customer receives the right resolution and is able to get back to their accounting work as quickly as possible. 

Mission – Our mission is to leverage the collective expertise and knowledge of our team to provide quality support services to our clients ensuring that their software-related problems are dealt with promptly and efficiently so that they can get back to work with the least of delays. 

Vision – Our vision is to gain global recognition for the services we deliver to our clients in different corners of the world.