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When a person attempts to install quickbooks, there is a possibility that he/she might face errors. Those errors could be much risky and make you encounter worst quickbooks experience in the very beginning. But there are many ways to overcome such solutions, which are provided by Intuit and therefore it has introduced many free of cost tools which can fix many quickbooks errors and one of such tool is Quickbooks Repair Tool.

Quickbooks Component Repair Tool

Intuit® Quickbooks has provided a free tool named as Quickbooks Component Repair Tool – It helps in troubleshooting and resolving errors combined with Microsoft components in quickbooks such as Microsoft.Net, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft MSXML and framework.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub as the name defines tool hub, this quickbooks tool hub has solutions for all quickbooks desktop errors.


Basically it is a group of quickbooks tool, every quickbooks tool in quickbooks tool hub, has its different and definite purpose that support and help in many quickbooks errors inclusive of network issues and company file issues. QuickBooks Tool Hub was introduced to help quickbooks users to fix issues that they usually face while using quickbooks functions. Moreover, quickbooks tool hub also tells how long does quickbooks file doctor takes for a specific error.

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We promise to provide you a review about a tool by quickbooks tool hub that is informative and concise.

QuickBooks Installation Issues Solution

Guideline to fix the quickbooks installation issues that occurs.

  1. Quickbooks Installation Diagnostic Tool usage is must.
  2. Firstly, download quickbooks install diagnostic tool by quickbooks tool hub. When you open quickbooks tool hub you will see the hyperlink quickbooksinstalldiagnostictool, get from there.
  3. Secondly, after the quickbooks install diagnostic tool download process is completed, make sure the company file has been saved on local desktop.
  4. Then delete all the programs being executed and launch quickbooks install diagnostic tool.
  5. When the quickbooks install diagnostic tool has performed its function, then its time to restart the system.

How to Download Windows Update

Out-dated Windows might run the program but it misses so many features in between. The Windows which are outdated, miss some updates (including network issues) which are necessary for many software such as .net framework, MSXML and Visual C++.

Why Windows Updates are essential?

Hence, updating windows is essential to keep the functioning of software perfect. It is so easy on your desktop to download windows updates, user just need to press the key on keyboard with Windows icon and then the windows will get updated. After updating your Windows it is mandatory to restart or reboot you computer and again you will install from quickbooks tool hub.

Step by Step Guide to Fix Errors using Quickbooks Repair Tool

If a user encounters an error which doesn’t get identified and resolved by the help file doctor quickbooks tool (downloaded from quickbooks tool hub) or quickbooks installation diagnostic tool, then for support it is recommend to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, .net frame work needs to get rebuilt.
  2. Microsoft MSXML can be reconstructed manually.
  3. Preferably user should try to fix common issues with the help of technical person or seek help from Windows professionals.

.Net Framework to Rebuild

.Net framework is one of the elements of Microsoft, usually helps to get connected with web apps through quickbooks. When a user faces issues with Microsoft .net, he/she might encounter some other errors i.e. Error 1904, Error 1903, Error 1722 and Error 1603.

Microsoft .Net Framework Damage Repair Guide

Below is the precise guide to be followed in order to repair damaged Microsoft .Net Frame work:

  1. In the step 1, Before anything, get Quickbooks Repair Tool downloaded from quickbooks tool hub.
  2. Then step 2 is to make sure that the saved company file is located on local desktop after the tool is downloaded.
  3. The third step is to close all the running programs and hit twice on QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe
  4. The whole process comes to an end here, and user is required to restart the computer system.
  5. By now, the error will be resolved.
If still, error occurs:
  1. Still if user encounters any sort of error, then locate the Windows key on keyboard (with Windows icon) and press it.
  2. In the search bar, hit enter for Windows Update.
  3. Double check the Windows if it is get updated completely or not.

Microsoft MSXML Reconstruction

  1. If any of the Microsoft MSXML component gets damaged, the further functions will not be performed by quickbooks. For this case it is essential to reconstruct the damaged Microsoft MSXML first. Get help and support for this by following the easy guidelines given below.
  2. The MSXML DLL company file must be registered by the user.
  3. Uninstall the previous version and reinstall the version 6.0 of MSXML.
  4. After getting the latest version, here user is required to download, install and run the MSXML version 6.0 SP1.
  5. Now user can easily get support for its MSXML.

Downloading Method of QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

It is very easy to get quickbooks component repair tool downloaded on your quickbooks desktop. Follow the steps mentioned below to get this job done in no time.

  1. First of all, every program should be closed in quickbooks desktop before the user restarts the computer.
  2. Secondly, the user needs to get Quickbooks Repair Tool downloaded on quickbooks desktop from quickbooks tool hub.
  3. In the next step, user will run the program and double click the file that has been recently downloaded. After this, restart the system.

The detailed article has catered all the important guidelines regarding Quickbooks Repair Tool (including network issues), also the terms and conditions. For any support our customer support staff is 24/7 available. Further for online support you can get in touch with our certified pro-advisors through our website (all rights reserved).