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When talking about the helpful accounting software, that manage great operations of huge organizations, Intuit comes on top of the list in such service providers. Though interface is quite simple and understandable but it requires some tutorials for a layman. And a person with almost zero knowledge of quickbooks might encounter some errors like quickbooks error 3371 status code 11118, quickbooks error 6123, 0, quickbooks error 80070057 etc.

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In this article we will be discussing about the Error Code 80070057 while user tries to open company file. Generally in QB version 2014, when a company file is created by quickbooks account manager then the error 80070057 occurs in the system. This bug can also occured if you try to open (in quickbooks) company file that is same and but cannot be accessed. Whenever a quickbooks user perform functions to get the quickbooks version 2014 file i.e. previous version file creation, user get notified about this error that Your File is Created in The Older Version. This notification is basically for a specific error while accessing company file, which is Quickbooks Error 80070057.

It is common that user gets notified through different messages for the occurrence of error 80070057, Below are the examples of those notifications of the error:

Error 80070057 Found: Reason is “parameter is incorrect and limited permissions”.
Error: The parameter is incorrect for 80070057.
Error 80070057 Reported: A sudden error while operating QB is found.
Error code 80070057: “Parameter is incorrect” It is because user has accessed files from the Timeline of Google Search i.e. TLG, ND, QBM, QBB, QBW etc.
QB Error 80070057 Found: Parameters are not correct. While accessing company file in quickbooks an unexpected bug has been found [path and name].
Error Code 80070057 Occurred: “Incorrect parameters” and user has limited permissions in order to remove files.

Such unexpected errors can be occurred because of many reasons but it is not something to worry about. We have come with this article to tackle such bugs easily and quickly. Give this article a thorough read to resolve the error. Moreover, if user finds any ambiguity regarding this solution then our technical support team of QB data recovery is all the time available to help you. Contact our experts at +1888-705-0768 who are quickbooks certified (all rights reserved) and can assist you to save your efforts and time.

Introduction to Quickbooks Error 80070057

It is quite important for quickbooks users to know about what is quickbooks error 80070057 before getting into the details of its occurrence and causes. Basically the errors in quickbooks that are quite unexpected and common, error 80070057 is one of them that often occurs. When this error comes up, a message pop up on the display screen that states “The parameter is not correct”, it happens specifically at the time when someone tries to access company file. This notification is an indicator that current quickbooks user has limited permissions to delete or modify the company files stored in a particular location. This error could be troublesome for the beginner level users, it will be easy to get knowledge of quickbooks error code 80070057 that what such errors occur, before jumping on to the solution. Follow the mentioned below main causes of this unexpected error.

Factors That Causes Quickbooks Error 80070057

The unexpected bug “Quickbooks Error 80070057” occurs without any invitation, and is usually comes at the time when users access or open the company file from their computer systems that is connected to host system or web server. This whole phenomenon is called configuration of quickbooks multiple users mode.

Below are the significant reasons for this quickbooks error.

  • When internet security and firewall settings are not correct.
  • When users in try to access or open the company file that is portable and they have not followed the instructions that is to open the quickbooks first, then Network Data File gets corrupted.
  • While installing the quickbooks, the company file is damaged.
  • When quickbooks company file (in the system) is corrupted or damaged.
  • When users open the quickbooks and there extensions of company file has been altered.
  • When users open the quickbooks and company file extensions are incorrect i.e. .qbx, .qbb, .qbm etc.
  • When open quickbooks, there is non-configured firewall settings by third party.

Indications of Quickbooks Error Code 80070057

When users want to troubleshoot the errors, they tend to identify it first, in order to identify the quickbooks error 80070057 below are the step by step guidelines mentioned that indicates the quickbooks error 80070057;

  • When the windows program of quickbooks repeatedly gets crashed in the same system.
  • When users open quickbooks file and do not respond promptly with input devices like mouse or keyboard.
  • When users open quickbooks file and display screen shows “Parameters are not correct” message.
  • When users open quickbooks file to perform functions and do not have sufficient permission to modify the company file.
  • When quickbooks users open company file of quickbooks and suddenly the file gets corrupted then the quickbooks error 80070057 will occur.
  • If the users open quickbooks database server manager, and it keeps on crashing repeatedly then it is the indicator if quickbooks error 80070057.
  • When users open the quickbooks or attempts to perform different quickbooks functions and it keeps on getting stuck again and again then it is the indicator of quickbooks error code 80070057.
Guide to Troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error code 80070057

Troubleshooting of the quickbooks error code 80070057 can be done with more than one methods. As we have discussed the factors that cause the quickbooks error 80070057 in detail, below are the some efficient ways to make your system error free without wasting your efforts and time. Check them out:

Fix no. 1: Latest Version Update of Quickbooks

With the passage of time, the patent company Intuit keeps on introducing latest quickbooks desktop updates, which makes this software more efficient. When the users update their quickbooks desktop, the new version helps in fixing different types of quickbooks error as the update comes with numerous amazing features (which also helps in avoiding further error or bugs). Below are the steps that helps fixing the quickbooks error code 80070057:

  • In the first step, launch quickbooks, then locate the Help menu and open it.
  • When you will open the menu it will have various options in the drop-down, select the option Update Quickbooks among them.
  • When you select the option, next step is to start launching its update through the tab Update Now, after that go for the option Reset Update Box (In case users need to remove the previous downloaded update file from the system).
  • When done with reset, user is required to go for the option Get Updates, and click one more time on the option Quickbooks to open it.
  • In the last step, user is required to double check whether the issue has been resolved or the error is still there.

Modify The Extension

  • Launch the quickbooks and make a new folder by selecting Create a New Folder option.
  • In the second step, move the quickbooks company file in this folder by copying company file from the original location and paste it in the new folder.
  • Moving ahead to the fourth step, user will second-click on the newly created folder, and change the name of it.
  • When done with the Rename process above, it is the time to modify the current extension of quickbooks company file as .qbm.
  • User is required to hit the click anywhere on the display screen in order to save this file.
  • Here, open the quickbooks file to successfully restore this movable/portable file.
  • User will not see any error after this, but still if QB is having some problem to launch itself then user needs to alter the extension name to .qbb.
  • Select the Restore Backup option when you open the QB.
  • In case if the user is unable to open the file then again change its extension name to .qbx.
  • Again select the Restore Backup option when you open the quickbooks.
  • And eventually launch the quickbooks and select QB Convert in order to make it an accounting copy.

Copy & Paste the QB Company File in Other Folder To A Flash Drive

  • Step 1: Go to Windows Explorer and launch the QB.
  • Step 2: Hover over the icon of File, and after that second-click this icon. A drop down menu will appear, choose the option New Folder.
  • Step 3: Open the Flash Drive, copy the file Companyfile.qbw and then open the newly created folder to paste file here.
  • Step 4: Launch quickbooks and the open up the freshly created folder.
Fix no. 2: Modify the Extension Name of Company File

Another way possible to get rid of quickbooks error code 80070057, is to check properly the extension name of company file. Below are the precise step by step guideline mentioned for the checking of company file extension name:

  • Open the company file in QB, by second-clicking on it.
  • Look for the tab Properties, select it.
  • Now find the icon quickbooks and launch it.
  • Keep the file extension name stored in field of filename, and hit the QB icon to open it (open the company file).
  • And in order to proceed, enter the option OK.
Fix no.3: QB Clean Installation Method

Many times, while trying to open the company file users face failure in every methods to resolve the quickbooks error code 80070057. Then going for the alternate method QB clean installation would be the best choice of user. In this process, QB software has to be uninstall and reinstall by the users. This approach will clean the software errors throughout.

Fix no.4: BitDefender Configuration Method

BitDefender is not commonly used by every user but it could be an option in the times of need. Thus, if the users are habitual of performing functions with BitDefender then below mentioned process is best for them to resolve the quickbooks error code 80070057.

  • Firstly, open the menu of BitDefender 10.0.
  • Look for the Antivirus Program and hit enter to launch it.
  • And then hover over Custom Level tab and from that, select the option Exclude Path from the Scan.
  • Now go for the option New Item and select it.
  • Eventually, choose the option (possible mentioned option) UNC Path or Mapped Drive, which is a significant feature in order to browse Q: that is QB company file browsing.
Fix no.5: Run the QB File Doctor Tool

When nothing works in debugging quickbooks error code 80070057 on quickbooks desktop, then run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool on quickbooks database server manager. There is higher chances to get rid of error code 80070057 quickbooks through this tool when it is being hosted on the quickbooks database server manager. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to fix error 80070057 quickbooks.

  • Firstly shut down the quickbooks desktop.
  • Then download and store the file of QuickBooks tool hub in the computer system
  • Click for twice on the option quickbookstoolhub.exe file, it will open the company file of QB (particular file). User will be able to see the mentioned instructions on the display screen, he/she is required to follow these vigilantly and then check mark the given sentence of condition that states I agree to all terms and conditions...
  • Further, when done with the installation process, then open the tool by double clicking on its icon.
  • Now, while on the quickbooks desktop, look for the option inside Company File Issues, and then select it.
  • Run this tool by clicking on the option in green colour Run QB File Doctor.
  • Go to File Doctor > select Company File.
  • Note: If user could not locate the required company file then it can be found by simply type it on the search bar of Browse.
  • Opt for Check Your File > Continue.
  • Add credentials (admin id & password), then hit Next to proceed.
  • Now scan it and then open quickbooks desktop in order to double check the error 80070057 quickbooks (this method could be time consuming as the thorough scan takes more time).
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QB software shows error, from which 80070057 quickbooks error is an unexpected and frequent error. In the article above we have tried to discuss and provide extensive information for 80070057 quickbooks error, through which users will be able to handle the problem by themselves. But in case, if there is any ambiguity or other QB related queries then our QuickBooks technical support is all time available to serve you. Simply Call us at +1888-705-0768 for a quick solution.

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